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The saga begins with...
"2 Girls, 2 Cats:  A Magical Mystery"

After returning from a year of college studies abroad, Lacey moves into her grandparents' home that is right beside of her great-grandparents' old farmhouse.  The old farmhouse is supposed to be empty, but Lacey continues to notice lights coming on and going off during wee hours of the night.  Lacey invites her thirteen-year-old cousin, Jillie, to come and help her investigate and spend time with her on the farm.  The girls not only discover a mother cat and her two kittens, but hidden tunnels and stairs and an uncle who has been missing for ten years.  What do the girls discover about these cats?  Where do these stairs and tunnels lead?  Where has their Uncle Jake been all these years?  It's magical, it's a mystery; it is a magical mystery that leads Lacey and Jillie to be united, by a destiny, determined many centuries before their time.

The saga continues with...
"LACEY And Her Tigers"

Twenty-year-old Lacey and her cousin, thirteen-year-old Jillie both take on steps of faith to understand their ties to this magical lang in the present and three hundred years in the past.  With Jillie being so young, Lacey takes on the responsibility of watching over the land.  Will Lacey's life ever be normal again?  How does Lacey cope with her magical protector?  What does this mysterious destiny have in store for her?  Who does she meet along the way?  There is more mystery and magic as Lacey tames the most ferocious man or beast and finds true love in more ways than one. 

And the saga continues even more with...
"JILLIE And Her Sassy Cat"

Jillie, who is now in high school and trying to have a normal life, faces many challenges that teens often encounter.  Add one very sassy and protective, magical cat causes Jillie to have even more hurdles to clear.  How does she handle her magical cat?  Whose path does Jillie cross?  While Jillie's friends are just having fun, will she be able to focus on her destiny?  How does she realize that not all people get a chance to grow up?  More magic and mystery lead Jillie to fulfill her destiny determined three hundred years in the past.

More magic and mystery continue with...
"Graduation Summer"

As the destiny of their great-grandparents' farmland works its magical embrace, Lacey and Jillie are thrust into more mysterious adventures.  Lacey has just graduated from law school and Jillie has just graduated from high school.  The excitement and hardships continue to unravel as their little cousin, five-year-old Nadia, is blessed with her own protector.  Lacey's and Jillie's plans, for their graduation summer, are suddenly interrupted and more unexpected adventures begin.  But this time, they are not alone as they get to share so much of this thrilling destiny with their siblings, other cousins, ancestors from the past and descendants from the future! 

The destiny weaves its web with...
"Nadia's Sweet Tea"

From the moment Nadia is born, a magical and mysterious destiny begins to weave its web that will bring Nadia and her two older cousins, Lacey and Jillie, together.  Together, Lacey, Jillie and Nadia are destined to save their great-grandparents' farmland.  By saving the farm in the present, they also save this very land in the past and in the future.  Like her cousins, Nadia has challenges throughout her life beginning with a childhood illness that leads her to a joy of learning.  She is not the ordinary, average student.  Her intelligence doesn't exactly let her be the silly teen and Nadia finds making and keeping friends is not easy.  Unlike Lacey and Jillie, Nadia grows up embracing the magical and mysterious destiny that was determined many centuries before her time.

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